About Us

  • India Tech Engineering Services was established in the year 1992 
  • With a mission to provide topnotch moulds and Dies by providing utmost customer care and quality at reasonable price. 
  • Our job involves preparation of Manufacturing Drawings, selecting right type of raw material; convert the raw material as per the drawings to finished product with several processes in between

Silent Features

  • We use latest software’s for  designing the Mould.
  • We can manufacture any kind of Hollow and Solid Concrete block.
  • We take keen interest in trouble shooting & diagnosing the problems.
  • 80% of work are carried out through our CNC, Plano Milling , Shaping Machine and other latest machine to give best finishing of Mould’s.
  • The core team has developed its own heat treatment techniques which yield hardness degree from 62 to 65 HRC.
  • Checking for quality standards. Assembling and fixing the moulds to the machines & helping the customer to run & take trial production.

Quality System

  • We are committed to manufacture and deliver Mould’s  conforming to international standards.
  • We carry out inspection at all the stages of Mould right from purchasing raw material to dispatch. 
  • We adopt zero defect culture and continually improve the quality system.

Our products

  • We can manufacture Fly Ash, Pavers, Kerb Stone, 4’,6’,8’ hollow & solid, combined mould, multicore and all the mould. 
  • We have supplied Mould’s to Besser, Columbia, Hess, Columbia – Pakona , Rometa, Knaur, Maza, Zenith, China Machines & all major local and international machine.
  • We have customer base all over the country and overseas customers  from Dubai, Philippines, Oman, Brunei and other parts of the world.
  • We are among the top list in manufacturing the mould in India and around the globe.